We are always committed to the best care possible and are the only 24/7 Cairns pet hospital. We provide professional care and services to pets from across the city, the region and even the Cape. Here, when you need us.


Our team are happy to answer any questions after hours, to put your mind at rest. So if you’re concerned about your pet, and are in doubt, just give us a shout. Or, just come straight in, no need to book an appointment.


For us, there’s no better feeling than getting a pet and its owner back together. That’s why we do, what we do. Nothing makes us happier than the pet going home at the end of treatment. That’s what makes us smile.

CAIRNS PET HOSPITAL Emergency Vets 24/7

Did you know the Emergency Vets 24/7 building, at 124 Anderson Street in Manunda, is like an iceberg? What you see at the front is only the tip. Our entire building holds a state-of-the-art animal hospital with an in-house lab, radiograph facilities, isolation room, seizure monitoring ward, oxygen piped to cages and a fully equipped operating theatre, and even that is only scratching the surface. We’ve got three consult rooms and an incubator, as well as an indoor exercise area, ventilators and high end mutli-paramter units for cage side monitoring including ECG, blood oxygen concentration, blood pressure and more. Our Cairns pet hospital has a back-up for everything, equipment, power and people. We’re available for walk-ins and referrals and if in doubt, give us a shout on (07) 4015 3459.


Our Cairns pet hospital facilities are state of the art and include;

  • Multiple, comfortable, consult rooms, with all routine equipment.
  • In-house lab, including point of care blood gases and coagulation profiles.
  • Piped oxygen, to a consult room and all cages to be used, as needed, all our oxygen is generated on site from solar.
  • Purpose built surgical suite.
  • High resolution digital x-ray facilities, with immediate image viewing.
  • Point of care ultrasound.
  • Endoscopy.
  • ICU and in line ventilators.
  • Specialist multi parameter monitors, including CO2 readings and blood pressure monitors.
  • Intensive care cribs to keep smaller animals in a humidified, heated, oxygen environment when needed.
  • Large kennel facilities, for even the largest dog.
  • Sealed isolation facilities, with separate air supply for contagious cases.
  • Solar covering our roof to power us throughout the day and offset our night time power use.

We have much more routine equipment as well, if you’re interested in checking it out, let us know. We’re also pleased to make our Cairns pet hospital facilities available for use by visiting specialists, such as surgeon Richard Mitchell from North Coast Veterinary Specialists.

State of the art, pet hospital facilities


What really makes us great though, is our empathetic and highly trained staff. Emergency Vets 24/7 has a team of skilled professionals, who put their heart and soul into each case, caring for every animal they treat. Our team is on-site 24/7 and it’s this constant presence and monitoring, that has enabled us to save countless animals. Our team stay up all night, so they can witness and respond to any life-threatening problems, as soon as they occur.

Our vets are trained professionals. Our nurses are fully qualified as well, which is not standard. All are trained and practiced in further emergency study. At Emergency Vets 24/7 we run regular drills for resuscitation and other emergency procedures.

Our practice is a fully prepped ER department for pets. We have everything we need, ready to go, at all times. So, if you’re in doubt about your pet, give us a shout on (07) 4015 3459.

Highly trained staff, that care

Richard and the ladies were so wonderful when I had an unexpected visit for my beautiful girl, who ended up needing a c-section, after not being able to deliver her puppies. Richard was happy to talk to me on the phone and tell me what to look for, before I needed to bring her in. He gave her his time and patience to help her deliver the puppies without jumping straight to a costly surgery as others would have. Unfortunately, the c-section was the only way to deliver safely for mum and her babies, but everything went smoothly, and I have a happy healthy mum and 8 adorable babies. I was expecting a bill much larger than I got. I am so happy with the care provided at an extremely stressful time. Thank you x

Robyn Fitzgerald

I had Alyce help me with my very sick cat, I felt very comfortable knowing my cat was in her care. She had excellent customer service and was so helpful and caring! She explained everything to me and gave me the best advice possible! I will never go anywhere else and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! No matter what animal I have in the future, she will be my go-to vet.

Shaye Kyles

In desperate need of having extra needles for my dog who is a diabetic, the staff at the Emergency Vet went out of their way to help me out and get me through the weekend, until I see my vet on Monday morning. Thank you so much for your concern and caring. I have used your service on a few occasions now and recommend it highly to anyone who needs their loved pets seen to.

Kimberly Jones

Caring, quality, affordable 24-hour vet service here in Cairns. I helped a good friend with her beloved golden retriever on early Wednesday morning. I think it was Richard who helped us out big time. We took the dog back for a secondary appointment which was no charge at all. I can highly recommend this amazing service we have here in Cairns.

Robyn Fitzgerald

We had to admit our puppy to Emergency Vets 24/7 last week overnight. We received exceptional service from Richard and his team Marion and Natalie. They were very informative and provided us with regular updates throughout the entire time our girl was admitted. We felt comfortable knowing that there was always a team on site, giving our girl the specialist care she required. We couldn’t recommend Emergency Vets 24/7 more. Thank you so much Richard and team!

Jessika Reghenzani

Thank you to the Team and Nurse Becky! The immediate treatment and care the dog (I was looking after) received was outstanding. Friendly, caring and overall amazing! Thank you! I am also amazed that when seeing a nurse or Dr late Sunday night, I was not charged an arm and a leg. To the contrary, very affordable. Highly recommend!

Nicole Zulli

What a wonderful facility. I can't speak highly enough of Dr Richard and Nurse Livvy, who helped with my golden retriever this week. Not only was he very good with Dougal he was extremely kind and re-assuring to myself and my friend Robyn, who'd helped me to get Dougal to the surgery. Thank you, Dr Richard. I wish you and your staff all the very best with this great service you have created.

Lucy Sullivan

Our little dog was poisoned by a cane toad. The team were amazing and answered all our calls about how to handle his seizures as we drove to them. They definitely saved his life and couldn't have been nicer. We are so lucky to have this service in Cairns!

Felicity Honnef

Words cannot express how amazing Dr Richard, Dr Marion, Becky and the team are. I have never come across such beautiful, caring and compassionate people. They kept me informed with Peppers condition and treatment. They informed me of all possible outcomes. Despite that, I must have asked the same questions 100 times. However, I never felt like I was any trouble to them and they always took the time to answer those same questions. They even gave up consult rooms, so I was able to spend the last few hours with my little one. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Please keep doing what you are doing.

Lauren Dowling

We are very much appreciative of the wonderful detective work carried out by staff Alyce, to reunite us with our beloved pup that was stolen. Thank you kindly for keeping him safe and looking after our fur baby.


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