Our facility is located at 124 Anderson Street, Manunda, Cairns. There’s off street parking available and you can call before, or just come in. Trained vets and nurses are on hand 24/7, for your peace of mind.


We know how precious fur babies are and we care for them, just as much as you. So, if you think your pet is in pain, or might need some medical assistance, give us a shout. Even if it’s just to give you, some peace of mind.


We’re 100% committed to providing quality services, with professionalism and compassion. Our team is always on site and our facilities are prepped and ready to handle any emergency situation, providing comprehensive care.


Emergency Vets 24/7 was established specifically to provide quality Cairns after hours vet services. We’re not here to take the place of your usual Cairns GP vet, we’re here to enable them to have weekends and nights off, knowing quality care is available and being provided to their clients. We don’t do preventative care such as vaccinations. We treat the presenting emergency condition and work in collaboration with your vet, providing them with relevant reports and diagnostics. All pets in our care receive constant monitoring and treatment, throughout the night and day. An overview of our Cairns after hours vet services and processes, is provided below for your convenience. We’re available for walk-ins and referrals and if in doubt, give us a shout on (07) 4015 3459.


One of our nurses will escort you to a private consultation room for triage. In very serious cases, or in the case of breathing difficulties, your animal may be taken straight through into the prep room for immediate treatment.

Our nurses will take a full history, including vaccinations, history, age, neuter status and may include current diet. Please bear with our nurses as they ask these questions, they may not seem relevant, but this is a very important part of the diagnostic process. All these things can have a significant impact on the treatment of your pet. They will then do a brief physical examination, which may include the vitals of your pet: heart rate, temperature, mucous membrane (gum) colour and listen to the breathing.

Your case will then be graded by the nurse, as to the urgency and severity. This means that we might ask you to wait a short while, as we treat more urgent patients. We’ll always get to you as soon as possible, and bear in mind, in this instance you don’t necessarily want to be first in the queue!

Our reception is open 24/7


A vet will then examine your pet. They may re-ask some questions and confirm some findings. They will then do a thorough examination of your pet. Again, some things they may ask or do, may not seem relevant, but the more information they get, the more accurate a diagnosis they can make.

Once a full examination has been done, the vet will go through the findings and options with you. This may include medication to take home, or may involve admission for further treatment and diagnostics, like bloods and X-rays. In some cases, we can take the bloods and get results within minutes, as we have an in house laboratory, and you may be able to wait for results.

The vet will also discuss the potential costs involved with procedures and diagnostic work ups, as well as the risks involved. Please understand that our costs are slightly higher than a regular vet, due to the 24-hour staffing and the urgency and convenience of being open all day, every day. Also, our hospital is fully equipped with specialised machines, enabling us to provide an exceptional level of critical care.

If we do not need to admit your animal, we are happy to recheck your pet for the same condition within 24 hours, without charging any additional consult fees.

A vet will examine your pet


To admit an animal, a vet or nurse will generate a consent form for you to review and sign. It will have an estimate of costs for the procedure discussed. This will be as accurate as possible, but there will be times when the vet is only able to provide an estimate to the initial work up costs.

Please let us know any contact details and preferred methods of communication at this stage. Also, we will require a deposit of the estimate, before providing treatment. Unfortunately, we are not legally able to offer payment plans or credit ourselves. However, we do partner with some credit facilities for payment plans and would be happy to discuss these options if needed.

Once admission is completed, we take your animal through and start treatment and diagnostic tests. We have an isolation suite, with glass viewing doors, and an infra-red seizure camera at the back for any potentially contagious diseases, or stressed patients. Otherwise, they will be housed within the main prep areas, enabling your pet to be constantly monitored by our staff. The kennels are spacious in size and filled with comfortable bedding, and when medically appropriate, food and water.

We have staff on site 24-hours a day, enabling us to constantly monitor all our patients. We also complete full exams regularly, tailored to the medical needs of the individual patient. We will keep you updated at least every 24-hours but often more frequently, especially if your pet’s status is changing. You’re free to call for an update at any stage, throughout the day or night.

We constantly monitor all our patients


Visiting can be arranged at certain times, depending on how sick your pet is and the current activity in the hospital. We will always try to accommodate you at a convenient time, but keep in mind that for some cases, like tick paralysis and toad poisoning, it’s better to leave the animal to rest than over stimulate them with contact.

When an animal is stable enough to be either treated at home with medication, or returned to your regular vet, we will be happy to do this. A vet will endeavour to go through all the discharge instructions with you. If your regular vets are one of our associates, using our after-hours service, then follow up exams must be done at your regular clinic. However, we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have, relating to the case, either at the time or after discharge.

If after your pet has been discharged, you feel they are not ‘right’ and need to be rechecked, we can do this free of charge within 24 hours of being discharged, providing it is for the same condition.

We're more than happy to answer any questions you might have

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I had to take my cat Merlin in at 3am on a Sunday, as we discovered paralysis ticks on him, and he was showing difficulty walking and breathing. They were so informative on the phone and told us exactly what we needed to do, before we brought him down. When we got there the staff were all so lovely and handled Merlin with so much care. They explained everything to me about his treatment process and I was aware of the fees and payment plan from the start. An hour after I got home, I got the sweetest text from them letting me know he'd had the serum and was resting comfortably. I was kept updated about his condition the entire time and was told I could call them any time day or night if I needed to, which helped ease my worries. I was able to bring him home Monday afternoon and he is completely back to normal and happier than ever (even with his cute shave haha). I saw a few different nurses, and I cannot thank you all enough! Absolute best team, service and animal care!

Cassandra Daniel

Amazing care and skill shown in a recent emergency when our dog was run over. Nothing was too much trouble, and his medical care was 10/10 all through the night. Very impressed with both the staff, and the extent of the equipment available, from ventilators, 24-hour onsite blood testing, X-ray, 24-hour staff onsite monitoring and the pens for each animal in the high care section all having their own piped oxygen all the time! Even includes a motion activated camera for seizures, and an isolation room. This place gets an excellent recommendation from me!

Amanda Roberts

I am so grateful to this exceptional team of humans. Late at night on New Year’s Day, my 8-year-old Ridgeback Bodey, bloated up and was in pain. I called the clinic and they suggested I bring him in straight away. Upon arrival they took immediate action giving him IV painkillers and an X-ray. Unfortunately, my Bodey was suffering badly and the surgery to save him was risky and too expensive. I faced a hard decision which needed to be actioned without delay, and so I said goodbye to my best friend that night. Through one of the hardest experiences of my life, I found all the staff I dealt with, from the phone call with Frances and Chelsea, to the visit with Richard and Becky, to be genuine, professional and supportive. I’m so incredibly grateful to your team for being there to assist Bodey’s transition to heaven in a peaceful and painless way. I appreciated your ‘no B.S.’ approach to the situation and your kindness and support.

Raych Apples

All the staff at Emergency Vets 24/7 particularly Dr Richard who spent many hours performing lifesaving surgery on my cat Ollie. From the time of my phone call to the service to our arrival Ollie and I received caring professional treatment from all the staff including Dr Richard, Dr Mehai, Dr Kati, nurse Becky, Andrew, Livvy and Natalie. (Sincere apologies if I have forgotten someone). No one was ever too busy to talk to me or give me their time to discuss Ollies treatment and progress or allow me to visit when I came to Cairns (I live in Mossman) during the 10 days they lovingly nursed Ollie back to good health that made it possible to bring him back home. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking a loving, personalised professional and skilled team to care for their fur babies.

Jody Marsh

I’ve visited the emergency 24/7 vets twice now, first time my little chihuahua had a dog fight with her sister. We were very lucky to have Dr Nikki to look after Lucky and give her the care she deserved. Nikki put me at ease and was happy to go the extra mile and look at Lucky’s eyes as well. Yesterday I was concerned about my puppy who was limping, I called and Nurse Livvy who was so beautiful to talk to and reassured me to come in to have Archie looked over. We then had Dr Marion look over Archie and admit him into hospital. I felt very comfortable with Dr Marion and she helped me understand what Archie was going through. This morning I’ve picked Archie up and he is in better spirits but still limping. I have called around 100 times today and every time they reassure me and put me at ease. I am really appreciative of how caring the nurses and Drs are and how understanding they are. Thank you everyone who works there! You are all amazing!

Alinta Dicello

If I could give you 10 stars out of 5 I would. You guys were ABSOLUTELY amazing in the worst time of our life. Our beautiful Arelie was more than a dog to us, she was our family, she was our everything. It’s been over 2 weeks now and we are still broken. This was our first time visiting your clinic and I can't fault you guys in any way. The communication and 100% care you gave our girl in her last hours meant so much to us. We were hoping she could be saved but unfortunately not. I know you done everything you could for her and we can't thank you enough. Also, thank you for the lovely card and helping us organise her cremation. You were there for us and Arelie when we needed it most. I only wished there were more caring vets/nurses around like you guys. Best wishes to you all.

Emma Braun

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our much-loved fur baby the other day. I cannot thank our vet Jo enough. It was the first time we have had to go through this experience, which was scary and heart breaking. Jo explained every single detail of the process so we could understand what was going to happen. She was so caring and loving towards our family and made the experience less traumatizing. Our beautiful pup left us relaxed and peaceful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making a terrible situation a little bit more bearable.

Charlotte Stanley

The crew at Emergency Vets 24/7 are fantastic. They were so calm, kind and helpful when I needed urgent advice late last night. Words can not truly express how grateful I am to know that I can call without hesitation and receive their advice and veterinary care no matter what time of the day or night. Thank you so very much for being there for us!

Vanessa Lobegeier

The service I and my pooch received was second to none, polite, understanding and totally professional, I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone, please keep in mind this is emergency service and they have to treat the urgent cases first, so if you are bumped down the line don't think they don't care it's pretty much the same as our ER at the hospital and they have priorities.

Peter Jappe

Had an emergency with our beloved Maxi cat. The staff were fantastic so caring. Just the best. Thanks to all.

Barry Cantelo

All the staff are so caring and compassionate and were so kind to our family in our grief when we rushed our very sick Tobi dog in and he passed away soon after. We are so grateful for the assistance we received in our darkest hour.

Jacquelene Pennells

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